Conditions (english)

The customer shall accept responsibility for the care and return of the bicycle (including padlock-chains, keys…).
· The bicycles shall be returned in the same condition as they where rented out. Any damage discovered upon return of bicycles and accesories shall be compensated by the client.
· The user is obliged at all times to correctly lock the bikes when they don’t have them in sight.
· In the case of any equipment being lost or stolen, the customer shall pay PROMOBIKE CAMBRILS SL a fee to cover such loss or theft. The fees payable shall be: padlock-chain 12 €; key 6 €; brakes or pedals 9 € /each, saddle 20 €, broken wheel 25 €. In case of
· A deposit of 100 € (25 € truck) shall be collected when the bicycle is hired. The deposit shall be refunded upon return of the bicycle if it is returned in the same state as it was hired out.
· The deposit fee is charged as a precautionary measure in view of the possible damage and non-return of the bicycle and accessories hired out.
· Failure to deliver the bike at the agreed time PROMOBIKE CAMBRILS SL increase waiting times in 10 € / hour.
· Failure to deliver the agreed day bicycle PROMOBIKE CAMBRILS SL will stay the deposit paid and make the appropriate report.
· A delay in the return of hired bicycle(s) shall incur the payment of the stipulated late fee.
· The customer is obliged to respect the traffic laws and rules and therefore is responsible for all damages caused as a consequence of any accident that occurs during the use of the bike.
· PROMOBIKE CAMBRILS SL is not responsible for claims caused bodily or material yourself or other people or objects they own.
· In case of failure should approach toour store and change the bike or will repair the puncture. Transportation to the rental shop is at your own and we do not have pick up service.